About us

IT Global Consulting:
IT partner for your business

We project, design and implement IT solutions for small, midsize and big enterprises. We think that a constant personnel training and a franc and direct approach in technology application are the trump cards for the best performance in any kind of business.


Our advantages?
Talk easy and think fast!

Supplying IT services is important, but not enough. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to get efficiently into your company’s everyday life and supplying the appropriate and certified qualities solutions for your business.

We are a versatile technological partner, capable of supporting and incrementing your business. We have never liked the top down approach solutions. For this reason, while establishing the right solution for you, we take in consideration also the strategical objectives of the company and those people who will have to deal with these technological tools.


Certified Quality

We are specialized in the most advanced technologies, also opensource.
The trainings and the upgrades are at the first place for whom, like us, sees the future as an opportunity to improve your business.
Our men are receptive and competent: this is their strength.

Investing on the computerization of your company will benefit you soon with the concrete results. Test us!