IT Global Consulting continually invests in training and certifications of its employees in order to provide a complete and acknowledged service to its customers on emerging technologies in the market. The  main individual certifications are: Cisco, Juniper and Microtik.

With corporate certifications IT Global Consulting strengthens partner relations with the biggest globally recognized Service Providers. These certifications allow IT Global not only to  have an access to added services and facilities of the former, but also to provide a complete coverage of the services to the Customers. In particular, the company focuses on Cisco Partner certifications:

  • Select
  • Premier
  • Gold
  • Multinational
  • Global

IT Global Consulting, has already achieved the first two certifications, and now is aspiring to become  Cisco golden partner.

Besides the corporate cisco certifications, IT Global has two Cisco Specializations:

  • Advanced Core and WAN Specialization
  • Small and Midsize Business

Partner Specializations reflect the depth of Company’s skills across Cisco technologies and architectures.