Corporate Network installation and Configuration

Design and implementation of a network platform implies an initial research, which IT Global Consulting shares with the customer, in order to understand and layout ideal criteria for the project development and its further implementation. By doing so, customers will benefit from a modern and updated network platform, which is essential for their business.

IT Global Consulting offers installation and configuration of Corporate network: a flexible and ad hoc service. Our clients can rely on us for the purchase of equipment or for the advice on the best autonomous supply.

Corporate Network Installation and configuration are designed for small, midsize and big enterprises that:

  • Want to introduce a new service
  • Have their first Network platform but with no IT department to deploy it

Even though the customer has its own it department, IT Global consulting can complement it with its activities, granting the transfer of a specific know-how from IT Global experts to the technical team of the customer.

When the customer doesn’t have an IT department, IT Global Consulting is able to offer an efficient operational and maintenance service of the corporate network.