MikroTik MTCNA Course and Mikrotik MTCR Course

MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) + MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE)


Monday, 4 December 2017 to Wednesday, 6 December 2017 (MTCNA)
Monday, 11 December 2017 to Tuesday, 12 December 2017 (MTCRE)

9.00 to 18.00 (Time scheduling may slightly change according to course)
Total hours duration 
24 + 16
Course fee 

MTCNA course only: 500€ + VAT 22%.

MTCRE course only: 400€ + VAT 22%.
MTCNA + MTCRE combo: 800€ + VAT 22%.
Payment by bank wire transfer
Special prices and discounts for isp /wisp and groups.
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Participations fees include the followings:
  • Course participation, printed and electronic format course materials;
  • Online certification examination at the end of the course (in English);
  • Individual MikroTik router mod. Hap AC Lite;
  • Lunches and coffee breaks any;
Free RouterOS L4 license.


DoT Academy
Viale Sarca, 78 20125 Milan.

Course location is accessible either by private means that public.

BUS: Line 42 - Stop Via Pianell.
         Line 86 – Stop Viale Sarca.
METRO: Line Lilac – Stop Ca’ Granda at 400 meters.

Course description 

Introductory training course to RouterOS configuration, with MTCNA MikroTik official certification release + 2° level specialization course on wireless technologies and protocols with MTCRE MikroTik official certification release (After passing corresponding final exams).

The MTCNA course is intended for IT professionals working in telecommunications industries and will introduce MikroTik products configuration. This course represents the first certification step to access next levels of MikroTik certification program.

The MTCRE course represent 1 of the 6 available 2° level courses on the MikroTik certification path. It is meant to anybody interested in advanced static and dynamic (OSPF) routing methodologies, advanced tunnelling and vlans.

The courses will be held by Alessandro Pasta, MikroTik certified trainer, graduate in computer science and IT consultant, specialized in telecommunications, at one of the major Italian and international ISP.


Covered topics will range from basic services and device identification configuration, bridging and routing, Server/Client DHCP configuration, wireless, firewall, quality of service and queue management, tunneling and advanced tools.

Module 1 - Introduction

Module 2 - DHCP

Module 3 - Bridging

Module 4 - Routing

Module 5 - Wireless

Module 6 - Firewall

Module 7 - QoS

Module 8 - Tunnels

Module 9 - Tools and miscellaneous

Topics discussed during the MTCRE course covers design and implementation of advanced static routing, dynamic OSPF routing in multiarea environment with redistribution and route filtering, usage of vlan, loopback, point-to-point tunnels and VPN.

Module 1 - Basic and advanced static routing

Module 2 - Dynamic routing - OSPF

Module 3 - Vlan

Module 4 - VPN networks, point-to-point and tunnels

Module 5 - Bonus pack BFD and Interface bonding

Past experience and specific expertise on MikroTik/RouterOS products are not required to attend MTCNA course. However, it is strongly suggested to have a good knowledge of Ethernet, TCP/IP, TCP/UDP, the ISO/OSI layer model and subnetting concepts, addressing and routing (these topics will not be covered during the course).
The MTCRE course participation requires the successful achievement of MTCNA certification. During online course registration, if you do not intend to attend the MTCNA course, report in the "Owned certifications" field the MTCNA certification number.
Each student have to be equipped with:
  • Notebook equipped with Ethernet and serial port (or USB/RS232 adapter) and running MikroTik Winbox software;
  • Power strip, electrical adapters and at least 2 ethernet cables of 3 or more meters long.
The MikroTik device used during the workshops, will be provided during the course, and will remain of property of the students.
Course delivery 

Course topics will be introduced with lectures aided by practical workshops run by students. The material and the slides of the course will be provided in paper and electronic format in English language, while the lectures will be in held in Italian language.

MikroTik MTCNA Course and Mikrotik MTCR Course
MikroTik MTCNA Course and Mikrotik MTCR Course
MikroTik MTCNA Course and Mikrotik MTCR Course
MikroTik MTCNA Course and Mikrotik MTCR Course
MikroTik MTCNA Course and Mikrotik MTCR Course
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