IT services for SMB

We work in very close contact with our customers in order to evaluate, develop and implement reliable, efficient, easy -to- implement and- expand IT Solutions.

The IT professionals  have been pictured as aliens for a long time. They used to speak an incomprehensible technical language, providing solutions, that have often been oversized and not in line with the company‘s objectives.

In order to outline a technological architecture, it's necessary to get straight to the heart of the company's lifecycle, considering its single specificity. That's why IT Global Consulting considers it essential, that the IT Professionals work directly on the site of the Customer's company, where, after different tests and audits, they can analyze the situation together with the client and tailor a plan of actions. In such a way, the process of improving  company's performances, the primary outcome of any enterpreneur, becomes a shared process and no longer a top down approach.