Provisioning, Configuration and Installation of Network equipment

Provisioning, Configuration and Installation of Network equipment are the natural follow-up of the formalization of corporate‘s IT objectives, meaning a more detailed plan of actions and resource allocation.

IT Global produce a design documentation with the guidelines for the installation, configuration and Network test. these steps are followed by the phase of Implementation, which involves:

  • Installation of network equipment: hardware delivery, physical installation and network cabling;
  • commissioning: basic configuration, test of devices, possible integration and customer's acceptance.

Provision, Configuration and installation of network equipment and its implementation are supervised by a Project Manager, according to the Project Manager Institute's best practice.

Project Manager is responsible for the entire deployment process: from the commitment of the client, to the real delivery of the designed solution.

Project manager is the role model that rules and supervises single activities without losing sight of the initial project. He is also responsible for the security standards, problem solving and report drafting.