Katsiaryna Gatti

Katsiaryna Gatti
Executive assistant

Keeping up with our engineers, lost in their extremely complicated IT world, is a pretty hard job, which me and Emilio are trying to carry out with greater or lesser success. Like good mothers who chase their own children in the infinite space of the Network reminding them of certain bureaucracy procedures without which a company could not be complete, dear me! And so, my first 6 months in IT Global happened to coincide by chance with 6 months of the laborious attempt to convert my hate towards the bureaucracy into almost a honest love. But, fortunately, it's just a little room in the IT Global house. Why house? Because here everybody is on the same level, there is no difference neither for age nor for the working position. We are conscious of our mistakes and this leads us to work more on ourselves, to improve day by day both as individuals and as a team.  The house of IT Global has not defined boundaries but it is continuously evolving and growing and we are evolving along with it.

In addition to the administrative job, I'm also responsible for the quality system ISO 9001, which we have achieved on July 2015 and which we have been trying to improve in order to monitor, as best as we can, the quality of the , services offered to our customers.

We also focus a lot on the satisfaction of our employees: we plan individual interviews, finance their training and exams, organize corporate meals, the part that I personally adore, being the big fan of food. Because of this little weak point, my colleges often make fun of me and are always equipped with biscuits and salami for my arrival.

I am 21 years old now, I am about to graduate, however it's too soon to say how the life will turn out. Live is a journey and I'm happy to work for IT Global Consulting, which I consider to be an important and, I hope, lasting leg of my journey.

Personal certifications

CSE Cisco Sales Expert