On-site network engineer in Milan (Italy)

General experience and soft skills:

  • 1 CCIE/expert level (7+ years experience) in Milan (Italy) onsite engineer (English+Italian must have)
  • Understand the activity planning from the customer and identify possible risks for delays/overlaps/conflicts in the scheduling
  • Suggest changes in the planning to control/reduce the risks
  • Capacity to work with the Cisco team for the Customer, being always fully aligned with the Cisco Lead Engineer but also able to take decisions in autonomy when advisable
  • Capacity to intercept and report to the Cisco team any situation where early stage interaction with the Customer could be beneficial, both for the ongoing activities and for future business


Tech skills: MPLS and Service Provider Support Engineer

  • Good understanding of the IP technologies, protocols and network topology
  • Good understanding of MPLS architecture and protocols (L2 and L3 VPN).
  • Hands on experience for IOS XR troubleshooting and configuration, experiences with IOS/IOS-XR migration will be a nice-to-have
  • 5-6 yrs. of experience on implementation, testing and operation activities with Service Providers
  • Knowledge of the following Cisco platforms: ASR9000, ASR100, Cisco 7600, Cisco 7200


Tech skills: Video Support Engineer

  • Good Knowledge of IP video trends and players
  • Good Knowledge of streaming protocols, encoder, transcoders
  • Good Knowledge of Content Delivery Networks / Set-top-box / Video caching in general
  • Good Knowledge of Content Management Systems • Knowledge and experience on the followings will be a nice-to-have: o Linux o Web Technologies o Video Analytics o Virtualization (VMware, openstack) o Servers (UCS) o Scripting (e.g. Python), programming (e.g. Java) o Legacy DVB


Tech skills: DC infra

  • Experience on Cisco Nexus platform (N7k) will be a nice to have